Facebook post by Urastartti

Welcome to Satakunta´s biggest recruitment event Urastartti expo in January Expo will be held at Kivikylä Areena 25th of January in 2023, from 9am to 3pm. This year´s theme will be working life skills. Get your hair done by talented hairdresser students, take your CV photo, prep your CV in a workshop to a diamond and hand it over to an interesting employee and catch your dream job for next summer or permanently! Not sure what is your dream job? At the expo we have over 60 employers. So talk to as many as you can to get to know the possibilities and reserve your interview time possibly even at the event. Here are few tips from us. Establish your goals, do some pre-expo survey by getting to know what those interesting employers are, talk to as many employers as you can and expand your network. The event is free of charge!